Record Labor

by That Virginia

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"Record Labor is one long hot afternoon in July in musical form, and it deserves to be taken with you then, and pulled out as a balm during January blizzards, to remind you that orange is a flavor you can listen to."
- Rachel Ambrose


released June 2, 2017

Record Labor is the long awaited debut EP of Brazilian artist That Virginia.

1. Um, Dois, Tres
Vox, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar: Virginia Semeghini
Percussion: Doug Fitch
Accordion: Matt Dallow
Clap Section: Carlos Semeghini, Denys Rocco, Justin Kelley, Amanda Kelley, Gracie Day, Nathan Sage

2. Unlocked
Vox, Acoustic Guitar: Virginia Semeghini
Percussion: Doug Fitch
Cello: Emily Hope Price
Marimba: Noelle Veillette

3. Tropical
Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Bass: Virginia Semeghini
Percussion: Doug Fitch
Electric Guitar: Brenden Fimian

4. Transcendere
Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Bass: Virginia Semeghini
Violin: Robert "Bobby" Pickett

5. Lights Off
Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass: Virginia Semeghini
Drums: Brenden Fimian & Nathan Sage
Choir Section: Madeleine Abrams, Denys Rocco, Gracie Day, Chad Tree, Charles Kessler, Justin Kelley, Carlos Semeghini, Sarah Allen, Anique Evans

Produced by Virginia Semeghini and Nathan Sage
Recorded at White House Productions, Shelton, CT
Album cover artwork by Hannah Fitzgerald.


all rights reserved



That Virginia Bridgeport, Connecticut

Once I knew how to play, I learned how to create. I knew life wouldn't be the same. Songwriting became my friend, my therapy, and my instrument of empowerment. My music is the best I can give to the world - it comes from my soul, from my heart, it is how I reach out. All I do is hope I can touch people in a positive way and somehow let them know it's ok to follow their bliss. ... more

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Track Name: Um, Dois, Três
I felt a spark, I thought it could be flame
I felt the spirit that I tried to tame
it could be the music I overcame
It must be rooted on my last name

Their music sent a signal down my spine
I tried to listen closely to all the sounds I left behind
It has been years since I felt the warmth
of my own language serenading me to sleep

um, dois, três, like counting sheep
um, dois três, like a harvest to reap

When I hear you I am home
Pra você guardei meu amor maior
I am no longer mayor of my own hometown
I am the voice who lingers in time
Pulled in by the melodies that roam the big city
as much as I did when I was young

Passos dados na avenida, I walk home in my own mind
I hear the signs clearly, I could hear them, even blind
Um, dois, três, like counting my steps
Um, dois, três, I found my way back

Pra você guardei meu amor / when I hear you I am home
Track Name: Unlocked
Is that how it feels to have the floors taken away from your feet
I mean this in a good way since I appreciate the weightlessness
this morning I was told this door I was knocking on desperately
had been unlocked the entire time

and all of a sudden everything made sense,
reality is layered and you can exist
in different realities depending on
your intentions and your frequency

am I reaching the frequency, am I stretching my time
am I losing the fear of the closed doors
am I reaching the space that I deserve
to be embraced by billions of arms

am I reaching the unknown, or crossing through the other side
am I listening to all the wisdom I had left behind
is my reason to move on, the same why I'm far behind
am I resonating the experience I would like to find

my thoughts had become things
my power's from within
my art has become me
doors open like my skin
Track Name: Tropical
My body is tropical

my genes were born from palm trees
and my hands are strong enough to hold a sunset
And my feet were built to be dipped in white sand

and my eyes were picked from fresh greens
My body is warm
as warm as the asphalt of my home town

my temperature is measured in Celsius
and it has never seen a negative sign
My lungs could store the spirit of a thousand trees
swaying with the sound of samba
and my arms strong like bamboo
always bending, but never breaking

My body body body is tropical, therefore not built
for the snowy weather of the place I call home
My cells, they shiver with the coming cold
they are not ready to leave the warmth

My body is made up of microscopic
teeny-tiny seeds of tropical fruits
my essence tastes like papaya when it's ripe
and I speak with the sweetness of fresh juice
My body is tropical

it's not cold like the dead of winter
it's warm like a cup of espresso
I'm warm like the sun in their eyes
I am made up of moonlights
quietly watching over the beaches I once stepped on.

My body is tropical
Track Name: Transcendere
Woke up eaten alive, by monsters of numbers, materialized
Dreams were dark and cruel, trying to catch me in a world I don't belong

They said "come inside" but they'll eat me alive
On a day, overnight, out of space and time
When my experience is worthless to those eyes
And existence is a cheap trick, we are paralyzed

But I was grounded by the kind human soul
who reminds me that I, I can rise above
It'll pass, we are flying too low
There's more to life than I realize

It is about time to speak of this love
Until we are one and the same
and there's no one else to blame
but the very world we became
We are condemned to be free
in blissful company of souls
dancing around our own lives
on a bright night with humankind

Hold hands, show me who you are, we can sit together and enjoy
A whole life where you and I can walk around the world as one

But I was grounded by the kind human soul
who reminds me that I, I can rise above
It'll pass, we are flying too low
There's more to life than I realize

There are colors, many streams
and they're bursting at the seams
of life alone, together in peace
in self-transcendence in love
Track Name: Lights Off
Our causes are different, but our speech is the same
We make complaints in vain
We both miss each other, different versions of ourselves
Different sides of our coins

As if we were fans of, the same actor,
performing two different roles
You miss a version of me that exists
In complete dependence on the version of you I really miss

I miss your south, you miss my north
I miss your grand entrance and
you miss my quiet escape
We are walking on different sides
of the same damn road
We are present on the same place
but in a parallel universe

We are traces of our past in each other
We are light that remains inside your eyelids
when you stare at the sun

I miss your sun and you miss my moon
You miss my strum and I miss your hand
We're quietly side by side
But none of us is really there

We are ghosts of who we thought we were
We are bound by the lack of ourselves
We are who we are when our eyes are closed
When we drift off into our own space
Until there’s no sense of you and I...
Until our light is off
And we can find each other again
Track Name: Seed of Healing
Look at the lightning striking ground from sky above
It brings me fear and wonder all in one shot
I’ve seen the mountains where the light can find its hideout
We are the real monsters when day turns the lights out

We’re feeling warmer like the doors to hell are open
The thunder sounds like moving furniture in heaven
What are we doing to relieve our Mother Nature
From hands that squeeze our life away until we’re dry

I say take matters into our hands and plant a seed of healing into the ground we’ve burned

Less focus on walls
More light on the fact
That we have lived so long under some sort of contract
We’re born to live up to expectations
But we won’t grow unless you bless us with your patience

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