Cassie & I

by That Virginia

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Mike U III This song makes me ponder my relationship with my child and and what more we need to do. I also love the melody and the beautiful vocals. Favorite track: Engine.
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All songs recorded in a living room, handmade with love.


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


That Virginia Bridgeport, Connecticut

Once I knew how to play, I learned how to create. I knew life wouldn't be the same. Songwriting became my friend, my therapy, and my instrument of empowerment. My music is the best I can give to the world - it comes from my soul, from my heart, it is how I reach out. All I do is hope I can touch people in a positive way and somehow let them know it's ok to follow their bliss. ... more

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Track Name: I Need You For My Song To Be Complete
I need to go inside of me
and tell myself just how it's gonna be
and then I gotta go inside of you
and tell you it's true

All those lucid dreams that come to me
inspire all the songs you're gonna hear
fill my mind with words I can't forget
I can't forget

And all the notes that come
they come from deep inside of me
directly from my heart to reach your universe
To break into your world
and open eyes for you to see
although they come from me it's up to you
I need you for my song to be complete

Besides of all the things I wanna say
take my hand and we are on our way
we got no excuse and no disguise
until paradise

And with all my inspiration here tonight
sing the songs that come from deep inside
Track Name: Transcendere
Woke up eaten alive
By monsters of numbers, materialized
Dreams were dark and cruel
Trying to trap me in a world I don't belong

They said "come inside" but they'll eat me alive
On a day, overnight, out of space and time
When my experience is worthless to those eyes
Existence is a cheap trick, we are paralyzed

But I was grounded by the kind human soul
who reminded me that I can rise above
It'll pass, we are flying too low
There's more to life than I realize

It is about time to speak of this love
Until we are all one and the same
and there's no one else to blame
but the very world we became
We are condemned to be free
in blissful company of souls
dancing around our own lives
on a bright night with humankind

Hold hands, show who you are
we can sit together and enjoy
great life, where you and I
can walk around the world as one

There are colors, many streams
and they're bursting at the seams
of life alone, together in peace
grounded by the kind human soul
of self-transcendence in love
Track Name: We Can't Let Go
Words like bullets of love
Crashing down through my head
It hurts but I can't let go

Your voice goes as a spear
Tearing my voice apart
And I can't just disappear

I feel love...through my voice and my veins
I can't even refrain from running to you, my dear
I feel this love when it hurts
not expecting the worse, just another day with you

And I hope for a day
that our love will remain
and the pain will disappear

Words like whispers of love
Gently touching my face
All I want is to stay right here

All we ever need is somebody to love
on a cloudy day, comes the endless sun
all I ever wanted was to give you the world
on the saddest day, it's all said and done
all I ever wanted was to never let go
and my hands are still, just like yours
And we can't let go
Track Name: Engine
You taught me how to be alone
Because there's no better company than oneself
You taught me 'bout point of view
And then I learned how to think for myself

You taught me about reactions to my actions
the price of my mistakes
the value of who I am
who we are

many years never took you from me, or me from you
years never would, life never could
four thousand miles I'd walk to you
and I'd come running out the door at the roar of your engine
the sound of your voice

There was no life after you, or so I thought
but here we are, for ever more
Under rivers, over them, and back again
we went around the world only in theory

you took my hands and wouldn't let go
not until I learned how to walk alone
and so I did, and carried you with me
always did, and always will

I grow so proud of being part of you
the one who made me feel like I'm worth a million bucks
truth or lies would never be enough to make me go
Track Name: Take The Blame
There's so much I could say, hidden in my apologies
I refuse to think you're wrong because it hurts
My entire life I've always been the one to take the blame for everything

I am so used, it doesn't hurt anymore
Never meant to dismiss what you are scared of
I just wanted to take it away from you
I always chose to take the slap in the face instead of giving it out
Running around keeping everyone on the ground

But you challenge me, you defy me, and I lose my mind
Because taking it away is what I try, when I cry
and I apologize for being so apologetic

They used to call me Madre Theresa
protecting the weak and the offended
Sometimes I feel like my soul can still keep their blame
I take the flame, I feel okay
as long as no one else is in pain
What a martyr, would she say? Or just clueless, I'm blind
Screaming out of my head, tangled in my words
Running from my need to apologize to you
for the things I can't control, the things I haven't done
the blame I can't agree on
I try to crush it, am I losing it and I can't breathe

Please let me take the blame
let me take it away from you

But this time around I will try, I will give away the blame
There's no need to apologize for the things I can't refrain
Please take it away, own it with pride
since you're the first one that tried
My love, feel free to take this blame away from me.

But you challenge me, you defy me, and I lose my mind
Because taking it away is what I try, when I cry
and I apologize for being so apologetic

Please let me take the blame
let me take it away from you
Track Name: Objection
Some days the chain seems thicker
Tying me down to a road I don't want to walk on
I keep telling myself I could do better
But the block on the road won't let me go
The thicker they get, the harder to break

Bright lights blinding clear eyes
They don't want you to see the light of day
Just the black of their eyes, the shine of their ties
The truth of their lies, the low of their highs

Punching holes, rolling with the punches
Properly marked, sealed, and confidential
Having credential while lacking essential
Piling high on lack of time for real life

Punching holes in my heart
Clipping my life
Tying my feet to the dirty ground

We are eaten alive by papers and staplers
Markers and binders, deadlines and clips
Tied to their hips, close to a heart attack
When the stack is of blank papers
instead of love stories

But I will object, I will not consent
I will hold my stand, and I will be bent
But I won't break, I will be free
To let you love, and let me be
untie, unstaple, release
to the breeze of a life without ties
without chains, without lies
full of love, and no disguise.

Say goodbye
Say goodbye to the old world
Say goodbye to theirs
Say hello to ours
This is our world
Track Name: Shadow of Someone
I want you
So badly it makes my skin shake
my body vibrates every time I miss you
and there is a streamline of tears
reserved for the thought of you
they're all coiled up by my eyes
waiting for the mention of your name

and my hands
they sometimes reach out hoping
that you will be on the other side
they reach out as far as an arm could go
but how could such a short arm
reach someone who has been so far away?

my legs
they tangled up with your side of the bed
I walked so long on these poor legs
looking for the answers
to all the questions I have not yet asked you
to all the questions, I have yet to be brave enough

my eyes, they see you so clearly
and still so many parts of you are blurry
as if I took my glasses off
in the middle of the night
and then all I could see is a shadow of
someone that has been there before

you have been there before
and some different part of you lingers
along with your skin, your eyes,
your legs, and functioning organs
you are somewhat whole

but part of you has gone missing
but part of you has gone missing
what part of you has it been?
what part of yourself do you miss?
what part of me would you like to keep?
what part of you has gone missing?
what part of you has gone missing?
what part of you has gone missing?
what part of you doesn't miss me?